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Many believe the life is based on looking forward to your future and deciding where to go and what to becomes of ones self. Believe it or not, they are right! However, along the way- everyone travels through a time in life called the teen years. These are 7 years that are mostly filled with days that can be filled with fun, stress, emotions and so on.

Most of your teen years you will find that you spend most of your time in school, which will consist of you finding friends, starting to find yourself, and your likes and dislikes. Along with school, lets not forget to put a little fun into the scenario. Yes fun! Hanging out, going to the movies, and the list goes on. Teens are well known for their awesome methods in texts, emails, and social media, which can also be used a fun source when they are a part from each other. Time and time you may come cross a teen or two that are not into the hangout/party phase in life. With that being said, a teen may also find it in themselves that they some artistic interest. These interest can be music, drawing, painting, etc. It is important that a teen find a good, solid developmental foundation for them to start working with as it is their leading road into adult hood. Fun can be along that road with the addition of safety and thinking first. These things go hand in hand as teen years can be a crucial part of ones life in finding themselves and where they want to go. Rest assured, teens will make mistakes, just like people alike. All apart of ones life is to live and learn, explore and have fun, be safe and think wisely and make good judgements all times.

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