be to your boss’s satisfaction.

Well this may surprise you when I asked around many had first responded with sex. And not just regular missionary some said. Many thought that sex needed to be mind blowing in order to have the satisfaction that they would long for with their partner. If you think about it in terms of sex, then these people are right. No one wants to get in bed with someone else just for a little unsatisfied rolling around. Everyone wants to leave the bedroom feeling better than they did when they went in.

And on the bedroom not some people even stated that their satisfaction didn’t come from being in the bedroom. It was from the excitement of being in a new place. One guy told me that when he was younger he got his satisfaction from sneaking onto the car dealer ground finding an open car and hoping in with his then girlfriend to have sex. He said that it satisfied is fantasy of doing something dangerous and out of character. When asking a women her response was that she wanted to be heard in a room full of people. She liked to have sex at parties, she said it brought her satisfaction that she was the center of attention. I personally think that this young lady has another meaning for the word satisfaction, but that is not what this article is about.

Basically, when it all boils down to what the word satisfaction means to people, it comes can vary in many ways. It is all up to the person and what they want. As for the person needing their favorite meal after work, their enjoyment laid in that meal. And for the person completing their task for their boss, well that person will make sure there are no mistakes and go over their work with a fine comb.

So make your world’s wishes with the best expectations, and fulfill them.

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