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Sexual Satisfaction

It has been observed that the sexual satisfaction derived from making love to a teen is usually higher than the satisfaction derived when making love to an adult. It is common for very sexually active men to prefer to make love to teens and forget about making love to a mature adult lady. On the other hand, some ladies have special preference for teenage boys. Understanding what affects our levels of sexual satisfaction can help us to understand why a normal adult would prefer a teen to a fellow adult.
Why is it more pleasurable to make love to a teen than to make love to an adult?Sexual satisfaction in humans is mainly influenced by their states of mind when making love. In fact, physical looks account for at most 40% of sexual pleasure. When a man makes love to a woman/girl, he expects his ‘pen’ to fit nicely inside the woman’s ‘pussy’. When a woman is sexually aroused before making love, she is likely to orgasm during intercourse. When she orgasms, her ‘pussy’ will grip the man’s ‘pen’ quite tightly. This gripping produces an extremely sweet feeling that all men definitely crave. A teen will usually have a tighter pussy than that of an adult. The teen’s pussy will therefore grip a man’s ‘pen’ more tightly. Teenage girls also produce more secretions than older girls/women. Making love to a teenage girl may be full of fantasies. The perfect gripping of a man’s ‘pen’ by a teenage girl may fool a man to imagine that he has penetrated so deep that no other man has ever attained such a level of penetration. Although this imagination is sometimes false, it contributes significantly to sexual pleasure. Generally, teenage girls are very sweet, often exciting men when making love.
When it comes to sexual satisfaction in women, women like men who are strong enough to last for sufficient duration before their ‘pens’ become flaccid. Ladies derive more pleasure from men who are very creative and exciting in bed. Most teens often fantasize about sex, a factor that contributes to their creativity when making love to women. When teenage boys make love to older girls/women, they try to experiment everything that they imagine( fantasies) using different styles and movements. Some of the different styles and movements are very pleasurable to ladies. A normal teen will therefore be more exciting in bed. 
From the above explanation, we can conclude that teens are sweeter than average adults in bed. Although many adults would prefer to make love to teenagers, it is not quite clear whether teenagers would prefer making love to adults or to their age mates.

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