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Sensual Massage

Sensual massage is undoubtedly one of the greatest ways to build closeness and intimacy with your sex partner. The principle behind erotic massages is that you are receiving pleasure via to your partner’s genital organs. Therefore, for a sensual massage to happen there must be two parties; the giver and the recipient. I swear I fucking had no idea that I could enjoy cheap, sensual massage until I tried it one Sunday afternoon.

Well, there is this beautiful, brunette teen that had just turned 18 before her family had moved into our neighborhood. She goes by the name Kate. I knew I had instantly won her heart right from the moment they moved in after she winked at me from the window of her bedroom. I winked back and went even farther to get her contact

on the morning that followed. It did not take long before she called me to go to their house. Her parents had gone to attend a reunion event for one of their friends in Miami where i bet they also enjoyed sensual massage while there. This was without doubt the perfect time for me to get a cheap, sensual massage and about five hours of weird sex from this brunette and her elder sister.

Within 5 minutes after the call, I was right at the doorstep of their house waiting impatiently for her to open up. I instantly rushed in, right after she turned the door knob with my cheap shorts already down waiting for her soft hands and lips to get into contact with my 6 inch dick. Her sister, already naked, was lying on the bed making some very sexy voices that really turned me on. “We will give you a cheap, sensual massage and a hard fuck that you could ever dream of”, Kate said as she walked on with her soft fingers already caressing my balls. The sensual massage lasted for an hour before I finally jerked inside her sister’s hot tight pussy. I can confess that I was really excited to have gotten what an unforgettable sensual massage of my life. Every time I see Kate, the memories of that Sunday afternoon rekindle immediately and my dicks goes hard.


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